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Dethran Duskwalker

Note: Playing Mad Zack wasn't quite getting my goat so I've decided to play something slightly more relaxing and less insane, that being Dethran. For background purposes, Zack is still on board the ship and does everything I said he does. He's just not around is all.


House Duskwalker of the Sylvan Elves is one of the many families that make up their rich and noble culture. Painters, sculptors and artistes have come from this noble lineage and the children of Alruen and Indomiel were expected to be no exception. This would prove to be true with their first child, Calentha, a child prodigy who seemed to shine with promise. The second child would prove to be more of a disappointment.

Dethran was brought up amongst the social elite of Sylvan kind. Having excelled at little else but duelling and courtship (doing far too well at the latter for his family to admit), he would be groomed for marriage to another family, about the only thing he would be good for. Devilishly handsome and gifted with a set of morals that can only be described as 'lax' the refined lifestyles of his family began to grate on his nerves from a young age. Where he preferred to linger in the streets with a bottle of spirits and loose company, his family would force him to study and attend exercises in drudgery that they called 'soirees'. After his ninetieth year, he decided that enough was enough.

Signing up for the Imperial forces occupying the Southern tip of Erin, he soon proved himself a competant and useful soldier, if a little undisciplined. His chain smoking and predeliction for attractive members of either sex landed him in trouble more than once. Eventually forced from the military following an unfortunate incident involving the sargeant's wife and two daughters, Dethran found himself at a loose end. The stipend his family provided him with having long since evaporated and no sign of gainful future employment, he decided to spend some time 'finding himself'. A copious amount of whores, narcotics and alcohol later - something found him instead.

He spent a few months at a small port town of no consequence, living off whatever work he could find and favours from the local colour. After a particularly vigorous bar brawl, Dethran ran into Captain Asherah. Quite literally. Persued by the port guards, the Sylvan cannoned into the sea elf and what could only be described as strenuous negotiations broke out. After a few moments of a three-way fight, the two exhanged portfolios and it became a two-sided fight. Offering the marine a place on her ship in return for various tasks of a dubious and violent nature, he agreed happily. Now he spends him time leching and fighting, enjoying life on the high seas and earning a wage for acts of senseless brutality.
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